Touch the earth, love the earth, honor the earth:
her plains, her valleys, her hills, and her seas;
rest your spirit in her solitary places.
Henry Beston

“To base a whole world economy on unlimited expansion in a finite space
fueled by mindless consumption at the expense of other living things
including our children’s future is our collective planetary curse.”


This photography site is intended to show the beauty and integrity of
the Superstition Wilderness and other wilderness without advertisement
of specific locations.  It will grow as an educational tool to help people learn
more about the ecological and social benefits of wilderness.

Please do not ask about locations.

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please send it to your friends.

A note on my photography:  All the images I will be sharing
with you were captured on film. Nothing was added or created digitally.
The images were scanned digitally so I am able to share them.
If I put up any image which is digitally altered in content from the original
it will be noted.

I will share my complete Superstition Wilderness exhibit
(now totaling 80+ prints and growing) plus many more
Superstition Wilderness images.

The title of this exhibit is:

A Look Into The Superstitions
"A Different View"
- More will be added as time permits -

Superstition Wilderness Galleries
- Superstition Exhibit information -

 Include another exhibit I am currently working on.
This exhibit is being created from the work I did over 20 years
of photographing the wood in the Sierra Mountains in California.

The title of this future exhibit is:

Faces of Sierra Wood
An intimate look at the wood of the Sierra Nevada.
- More will be added as time permits -

Sierra Nevada Galleries

 Include more images from the Sierra Mountains in California
and miscellaneous other images.

Pass along information to you about some of the images,
my cameras and equipment, digital, film, the techniques
I use and why I do what I do.

Conservation and environmental issues relating to the
Superstition Wilderness and areas surrounding the Superstition Mountains.
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Links to
 Leave No Trace (LNT) website and documents

Links - To other sites, locations and things I like and recommend.

I may include some controversial issues.

This site will continue to evolve and change.  I ask you to be patient.
I welcome your inputs and will answer all email questions.

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