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Faces of Sierra Wood
An intimate look at the wood of the Sierra Nevada
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Wood Bitch




Wood Bitch and family

I happened upon this family of roots during one of my many meandering days in the Sierras. I almost passed them by. They are located close to a large rock mostly blocking their view. I first noticed the Wood Bitch and stopped to consider a photo. Realizing the beauty that lie underground most of my lifetime, I soon fell in love with this root system.

These family members face a large rock, and high cliffs to the west preventing any decent lighting until late in the afternoon. Thunderstorms are common later in the day in the high Sierras so I traveled back to this location over quite a few years to photograph this family in both color and black and white.

Thank goodness the protection the family receives from their out of the way location and close proximity to a large rock has and most likely will prevent them from a sorry fate in someone's fire pit.

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