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This Superstition exhibit was never planned.  It evolved as a byproduct of my many enjoyable excursions into the Superstition Wilderness.  Throughout these trips I always carried a camera.  In 1993 I was reviewing some prints and came to the realization that I had enough material to present an exhibit.  It was at this time that I aggressively started printing these images.

The exhibit, for many years, was permanently on display in the Blue Mule Gallery.  The gallery closed December 2011 and the exhibit was removed.

The prints in the exhibit are not for sale as I do not want to break up the group.  Also, some of these may serve as future guide prints.

My photography is a hobby and I am trying to keep it that way.  I will be spending more time with this hobby in the future as I decided to retire from my full time job at Motorola / Freescale, May 6, 2004.  Some of my reasons for early retirement include...

Currently I have a number of projects that require my attention, but check back to this website for future updates.

Thank you,
Fred Koehn

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